The digital revolution is not linear

Ryff powers the seamless and authentic convergence of content and brands in the new age of advertising.


Ai-powered Intelligent analysis of any moving image content


Offering brands contextually relevant virtual placement opportunities

Our proprietary AI technology analyzes any moving image content to provide deep data intelligence about each frame, pin-pointing the emotionally-driven, association-based opportunities to marry brands to content with contextual relevance.

Ryff’s Placer© automatically finds the right placement opportunity and iterates near instantly for different demographic segments:







By understanding what is happening within the content and a brand’s audience requirement we prove not only where products and messages could be placed, but why they should be there.

Flexibility, Efficiency and Relevance

Any moving image content can be commercialized, revitalized and re-monetized, be it TV, film, sports or social media without infringing on the production or the narrative.


Content Sources:

  • Content Owners & Producers
  • Influencers & Social Media Creators
  • Networks & Production Companies
  • Sports Broadcasters & IP Owners


Ryff Content Platform

Unique virtual placement opportunities and contextual relevance data identified


Brand Access

Brands browse content & placement specifics to match advertising direction


Ryff Re-Versioning:

“As real” seamless integration of brand products or messaging and re-versioning ready for publishing on any channel, screen or player

“As someone who tracks and pays close attention to future technology as it relates to the entertainment industry, The idea of dynamic digital product insertion is a highly valuable pursuit. Ryff has one of the most forward thinking platforms for proving this out, and they are well on their way to achieving their goals.”

- Ted Schilowitz, Futurist

"Ryff's method of integrating brands into content offers an exciting future for film and TV makers looking for fresh ways to work with brands."

- Greg Silverman, CEO and Founder

“Working with Ryff has opened up some really exciting conversations about how we can redefine product placement. ESG are at the forefront of innovation and we are continuously exploring the latest technologies, which have the potential to revolutionize how we create our content.”

- Lisa Perrin, CEO of Creative Networks

"Ryff’s technology allows filmmakers to benefit from brand dollars without interrupting the creative process. Now brand integration can be inserted once the film is completed. "

- Ari Sandel, Director

"Working with Ryff has revealed new ways for Endemol Shine to work with brands, we are excited to see such amazing new innovation"

- Yannick Ferrero

"We continue to be impressed with the innovation and development of the Ryff platform. Working with them is fun and we look forward to doing more business together in future."

- Loc Sondheim

“Startup Ryff Launches With AI-Driven Tech. Formed by a group of entertainment technology vets, the company also announced a strategic partnership with Endemol.”

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“Is Virtual Product Placement TV’s Latest Disruptor?”

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“Ryff lets advertisers place any virtual object into commercials and films”

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"Next-Generation Product Placements Coming To Your Favorite TV Show"

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